The Art of the Eye: Mazdoris Unique Perspective

Introduction: As a startup, you may be wondering how to attract the best talent. But what if your goal is more than just finding qualified employees? What if you want to build an empire? And that’s where Mazdoris comes in. Founded by Amir Taaki and Amir Dahan, mazdori is a platform that offers entrepreneurs the ability to find, connect with, and collaborate with the best eye doctors in Israel. By using Mazdoris as their central hub, startups can quickly identify and sourced high-quality patients all while saving time and money. With Mazdori in your corner, success is within reach.

What is Eye candy.

The art of the eye is the ability to see things that others miss. Eye candy, also known as pixilation or crayon drawing, is the process of adding details and colors to images without actually painting them. By using a variety of techniques and perspective, artists can create stunning works of art that capture a person’s personality or mood.

How to see what others miss.

One way to improve your eyeight is by practicing stare-and-read, which is when you keep your eyes closed and stare at something for a certain amount of time with no interruption. This will help improve your vision and focus on objects in front of you.

How to Improve your viewing experience.

Another way to improve your viewing experience is by using a wide angle lens while taking pictures or videos. When captured through a wide angle lens, everything in the image appears much bigger than it would if it was captured through a normal lens. This allows you to see more detail in whatever you’re capturing and can make scenes look more realistic.

How to see What Others Miss.

The eye is a sensitive and powerful organ. By understanding the way the eye works, you can see what others miss. For example, if you’re trying to see someone in a crowd, use your eye’s peripheral vision. Or if you want to view something close up, use your unaided eyes.

Use the Right Eye Glasses.

When choosing an eye glass, make sure it covers the entire field of view. This will help you see what other people are missing and improve your vision overall.

Use a Magnifying Glass.

A magnifying glass is an excellent tool for seeing things that are close up or through objects that are difficult to see with unaided eyes. When using a magnifying glass, be sure to use caution so as not to damage delicate items or lenses inside the glasses.

Use a Whiteboard to See What Others Miss.

If you have access to a whiteboard, using it can be an incredibly helpful tool when trying to understand complex concepts or working on drawings or paintings outdoors in bright sunlight or during adverse weather conditions (like during winter). Make sure your whiteboard is clean and free of dust before beginning; otherwise, your illustrations may not look as great as they would with clean paper!

How to Improve Your Viewing Experience.

When looking at art, it’s important to take into account the perspective of the artist. Many artists use a unique perspective that can improve your viewing experience. To achieve this, you can use a better viewing glass set or use a whiteboard todraw. Additionally, you can play games on your computer or mobile device to improve your viewability and focus.

Use a Whiteboard to Draw.

One way to improve your visualization is by using a whiteboard for drawing. This method allows you to have more control over the content and presentation of your artwork, which can help you communicate more effectively with others. You can also use a whiteboard as an opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts in your art work.

Use a Mouse to Play Games.

Playing games on your computer or mobile device can also be used in order to improve your viewability and focus while looking at artworks. By using different game controllers, you can create different gameplay experiences that will help improve the overall visual experience of your artwork.


improving your viewing experience can be a relatively easy task if you use the right eye glasses and whiteboards. Additionally, playing games or drawing on a whiteboard can help improve your focus and vision. By understanding how to see what others miss, you can increase your efficiency when selling products.

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