Italy Villas 101! Choose Your Region

You know you want to visit Italy this summer, but aren’t sure where? Take that snapshot of your ideal location in your mind, and match it up with our descriptions. We’ve got all the basic info you need on traveling to our 3 top regions in Italy…

If you picture rolling hills of green and brown, vineyards and castles, you want…TUSCANY!

Tuscany is the quintessential postcard and much idealized version of Italy that most travelers picture when they think of renting a villa here. It is beautiful, to be sure, and offers so much for every kind of visitor, from history to gastronomy and leisurely activities like cycling.

Most of our Villas in Italy are updated stone farmhouses located in small patches of countryside, in between smaller villages (great for exploring in the day) and within driving distance to at least one of the province’s major cities, Siena and Florence. You’re never far from a winery – choose Chianti if you really want to be in the heart of it – and some of our villas are even part of their own wine or olive oil estates.

The variety offered by villas in Tuscany, ranging in size and price, makes it the perfect destination if you are just not sure what you want!

If you picture dark cypress forests, lakes and crumbling medieval fortresses, choose…UMBRIA!

Umbria is Tuscany’s lesser-known neighbor, similar in many ways (enchanting medieval towns? check!) but also different. A bit moodier – Umbria, in fact, means shadow – due to its thick forests, mountains and gorgeous river valleys, it is a place that feels a bit mysterious and rich.

Despite its look, Umbria offers much of the same attractions as Tuscany (the food here is even better in fact, it has been argued), usually at a lower cost. You will pay less for a villa here than one comparable in Tuscany, only due to the latter’s bigger reputation. And villas in Umbria generally have the same restored farmhouse feel, which is the classic Italian style preferred by most of our guests.

If you picture the seaside, with homes tumbling down the cliff face, you want…THE AMALFI COAST!

The Amalfi Coast is a one-of-a-kind region in Italy, full of all the traditional things that make Italy a great place to visit – food, wine, culture – with a little glitz and glamor thrown in for good measure. The distinct look of this seaside province (technically called Campania) has been replicated in art and celebrated in film, but the only true way to experience it is to be there.

Our villas in the Amalfi Coast are much different from those in Tuscany and Umbria. Generally more modern, they are built on multiple levels right into the cliffside to maximize views of the Mediterranean (note – this can make the Amalfi Coast a poor choice for people with mobility issues). The trade off for these mind-blowing panoramas is usually land acreage, as Amalfi Coast villas lack the green space defined by Tuscan farmhouses. Guests are, however, generally within just a few minutes of the town, with all its restaurants and nightlife, so this region is great for night owls!

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